Borehole Equipping

This is final phase of a borehole project where a pump is installed with all its accessories such as control panel, submersible and underground cables, galvanized pipes and main to the tank. A power source with mains or generator is required.
Once the borehole has been drilled, a Borehole Completion Record (BCR) from WRA that contains important information concerning that borehole will be issued. This information can then be shared with us so that we can do a proposal for the most suitable equipment.
The Borehole Completion Record has information such as:
☆ Borehole depth.
☆ Tested yield.
☆ Borehole profile.
☆ Static Water Level, SWL.
☆ Pumping Water Level, PWL.

Please note the the information below will be vital when installing pumps:
1). Distance to power house from wellhead.
2). Distance from power house to water delivery point.
3). Horizontal distance to water delivery point.
4). Elevation from well head to water delivery point.
5). Existing pipe material, and diameter.

The above information will help us get the appropriate cable length and pipe length. The pipe length and diameter are important for getting the frictional head loss which are an important component of the Total Dynamic Head, required for the specification of suitable equipment.

With this information, we’re ready to do a borehole equipping proposal for you.

Once we receive the Borehole Completion Record (BCR) as issued by the local Water Resource Management Authority (WRA) office, we shall then use the information in it to make a proposal for the most suitable equipment for your borehole.

In addition to the BCR, we shall also need to know the following from your particular site:
☆ Your source and type of power available.
☆ Distance between the borehole and power source.
☆ Borehole profile.
☆ Distance between the borehole and delivery tank.
☆ Elevation of delivery tank above the wellhead.

Possible sources of power
☆ Mains (KPLC) ‐ This could be either single or three phase.
☆ Generator ‐ either single or three phase
☆ Renewable Energy (Solar/Wind) ‐ supplied in single or three phase.
☆ Combination of any of the above sources.

Key items included in the proposal will be as listed below:
☆ Pumps.
☆ Drop pipes.
☆ Drop cable & accessories.
☆ Control panel.

Installation accessories may include:
☆ Wellhead.
☆ Water meter.
☆ Float switch.
☆ Airline pipes.
☆ Electrodes.

Installation and commissioning.
During installation, the Borehole Installation Team is mobilized and material transported to the site for installation. Once the pump is installed and connected to the power source, testing is done for an appropriate period and key operation parameters recorded, after which a detailed operation and maintenance manual is issued.

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