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Kerith Brook Drilling Ltd mainly provides borehole drilling services across East Africa. Our goal is to attain highly acclaimed quality level in provision of quality clean water, state of the art structures and making continuous efforts to achieve this objective through the company's efficiency operational economics, vast network, skilled manpower, respect to clients, strict to timeliness and set out quality standards.

Borehole Drilling

We assist clients in the process of applying for necessary borehole drilling permits/authorization letters/ licenses from relevant bodies. We then prepare drilling technical specifications. Then we supervise borehole drilling and construction/installation works...

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Site Investigations

To investigate suitable sites for drilling boreholes or shallow wells in accordance with the Water Resources Management Authority (WRA) – Kenya Requirements (for Kenyan based projects) or other requirements as per other country’s regulations...

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Water Tanks Towers

There are several ways to build water towers. Each construction method must emphasize pressure and height in order to provide an even water pressure for a municipality or a building. As long as these basic requirements are met, a high degree of creativity can go into building the exterior of the water tower.

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Boreholes Equipping

This is final phase of a borehole project where a pump is installed with all its accessories such as control panel, submersible and underground cables, galvanized pipes and main to the tank. A power source with mains or generator is required.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater running off land surfaces can be harvested, stored and utilized using a technique called rainwater harvesting instead of being wasted in rivers, lakes and the sea.At Kerith Brook Drilling Ltd, we design, construct and install effective rain water harvesting systems...

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Borehole Maintenance

Once a borehole pumping solution is installed by our highly professional team, it should be able to give you reliable trouble-free service for a long time. However, keeping the system well maintained is extremely important in order to obtain the best service...

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