Drilling boreholes for clean water

Drilling boreholes for clean water

Drilling boreholes for clean water

Drilling boreholes for clean water

Drilling boreholes for clean water

Quality Equipment

We provide high quality equipment sourced from world leading manufacturers, all supported by large stocks, spare parts, service back up and professional selection from trained engineers.

Reliable Services

At Kerith Brook, we provide modern borehole drilling services to our clients after a thorough survey to ensure consistence in water supply in all seasons.


With more than 5 years in the field, we have gained sufficient experience which makes or clients rank us as the top best in providing drilling services and pumps installation.

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At Kerith Brook, we value our customer most and we strive to take the least time possible to deliver our goods and services.

5+ Years of experience

Since we started, we have maintained a good record with the clients we have worked with. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction in your next water project.


We provide modern competitive services and equipment with unbeatable prices.

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You do not have to pay everything at once for your project to be completed.


We listen, we advise and provide the best solutions to our clients.

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Kerith Brook Drilling Ltd mainly provides borehole drilling services across East Africa. Our goal is to attain highly acclaimed quality level in provision of quality clean water, state of the art structures and making continuous efforts to achieve this objective through the company's efficiency operations economics, vast network, skilled manpower, respect to clients, strict to timeliness and set out quality standards.

Sales and Supply of HDPE & GI Pipes

We supply HDPE and GI Pipes across East Africa at an affordable cost.

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Borehole Drilling

We drill commercial and domestic water boreholes across East Africa at an affordable cost

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Site Investigations

Before drilling a water borehole, a survey is performed to ensure that drilling is performed...

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Water Tanks

We design and construct long lasting water tank towers of various capacities...

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Boreholes Equipping

We install quality, energy-saving and efficient solar and electric water pumps for boreholes...

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Rainwater Harvesting

We design, construct and install effective rain water harvesting systems...

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YESA borehole is termed dry when the water level goes below the pump intake level. This is dependent on:-
Borehole depth
Aquifer type
Groundwater abstraction rate
Rate of recharge to the underground water reservoir
Over abstraction from a fair potential aquifer can cause water levels to drop or even deplete the reservoir especially where recharge is poor. Perched aquifers too aren’t sustaining.
Boreholes that tap water from the upper (temporary) water level zone are likely to run dry in drought seasons since the water table varies with yearly seasons whereby the level drops to the lower (permanent) water table zone.
It is therefore important to note that it is very essential to do a borehole professionally with all understanding for economical purposes of a successful borehole construction, development and maintenance.

Borehole drilling is done in independent phases:
Hydrogeological Survey and consequent WRA and NEMA License
Actual Drilling exercise – Open hole, Casing, Gravel Packing and capping
Borehole Equipping – Electrical / Solar Pump installation
Piping works and Steel tanks erection for water storage

The main cost of drilling borehole is largely dependent upon the depth and amount of casing that the borehole will require. The type of rock (Geology) that we have to drill through does have some influence as well as the actual ground conditions. Many people think that the easiest way to drill a borehole is through the soft and loose geologies. However, this is not the case, in fact, the opposite is true. This is made more difficult if the hole is collapsing due to the ground being loose and unstable. We use many different methods to prevent this phenomenon from occurring, including use of drilling fluids and additives as well as the installation of temporary steel casing. All these factors add up in the overall cost of a borehole.

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